Sunday, May 7, 2017

Episode #8! New Mike Interview! Butch "Eddie Patrick" Speaks of His 1967 MONKEES Role! Much More!

The great #8 is here!

And you will hear a great new radio piece about this very podcast, as our own awesome Alan Williams is interviewed about his love of all things Monkees, the podcast and its production, and much more! Then, the tables get titled and turned, as Alan gets to ask Papa Nez himself some interesting questions, as part of Mike's chats about his new book, "Infinite Tuesday!"

Also: Hear (at last!) our exclusive interview with actor Butch "Eddie Munster" Patrick, who portrayed snooty "Melvin," on the famed 1967 MONKEES "Christmas Episode!" Butch talks about his interest in the band, how each Monkee affected him personally, and his many memories of filming that episode!

Plus: Hear a rare re-mix of "Love is Only Sleeping!" Super-psychedelic!

And: Hear some of Micky's very first recorded singing, in a 1958 CIRCUS BOY audio clip!

What are you waiting for?!

Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your

iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

Above: You'll hear Mike open up about his new book,
and some other very surprising and off-beat topics!

Above three images: Alan and Al interview Butch Patrick about his many Monkees
memories, at the 2017 Mad Monster Party, in Charlotte, North Carolina! 

Want to see us interview Butch? Just look below!

Above: It's Al Bigley (left), Butch Patrick, and Alan Williams (right)! 
Dig that autographed pic Butch is holding, by casting your gaze below!

Above: Arroe Collins! The interviewer/radio personality who facilitated
the mighty Mike Nesmith interview you'll hear on this episode!
Check out so many more interesting audio adventures with Arroe
right here!

Above: Who is that between (most of) the Monkees? Why, it's the "real" Don Steele, the
very vocal DJ you hear Alan imitating on most of our epic episodes!

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  1. The first one of these I've heard - very interesting and cool!! By the way, you sound just like "The REAL Don Steel"!!! Liked the Circus Boy song with Micky, and the interview with Mike!! Also. the Butch Patrick segment although it was a bit hard to hear with all the background noise! The laugh track is a nice touch, also the background music! We need to get to know who is who a bit - hard to distinguish the voices! You're off to a great start fellas!!! <3