Thursday, June 8, 2017

Episode #9! Our Top Five! Songs! Shows! Guest-Stars! The Real Don Steele Story with Nez Comments!

Back again for the big #9 ("Number nine....Number nine...") episode!

Hysterical hosts Al and Alan reveal their own personal "top five" Monkee moments! Fave singles! Fave albums (solo and group)! Fave MONKEES episodes! Fave TV moments! Fave guest-stars! How do their picks stack up against yours?

And, at last: Alan gives you the full story behind his many impersonations of famed 60s/70s boss jock DJ, the Real Don Steele! Who was this famous radio personality, and what was his impact on the Monkees? You'll hear about that, direct from Mike Nesmith himself! A fun little info-snippet!

But-that ain't all! Hear Al's red-hot re-mix of VALLERI (the TV version)..! You'll never forget it!

Plus: Laughs! Fun! Music! Sound effects! Recipes!

OK. No recipes.

Strap on some headphones (or earbuds for you young 'uns) and groove, baby!

Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your
iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

Above: The man himself! The Real Don Steele,
famous radio boss jock! Hear his tale, what a
"boss jock" really was, and how he impacted
the history of the Monkees!

Above: Don Steele gets chummy with the Monkees, during a 1966 promotion!

Above: Hear Al's controversial thoughts and theories
on the above earth-shattering equation!

Which episodes (and scenes) were picked as our favorites (and why)?
Listen and find out!

This episode contains a red-hot re-mix of
everyone's favorite Monkees single, VALLERI! 

Above: Your humble hosts! Suitable for framing!
Or for scaring away crows from you garden!

Hear about how we each discovered the
Monkees, what they meant to us, and
how (and why) we still (duh!) dig the 
pre-fab four!

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