Friday, December 7, 2018

Episode #21! MONKEES CHRISTMAS PARTY Reviewed! 2-Year Anniversary Show! Exclusive Cover Songs and Re-Mixes!

Get into the happy holiday spirit with this hot new yuletide episode!

We zip right down the chimney with a song-by-song review of the new CHRISTMAS PARTY CD! 

What songs are true gifts to us fans? Which ones just don't deliver the magic? Hear Al's irrational rage over McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime!" We go toe-to-toe over the Monkees first full seasonal disc! 

Next, Alan and Al look back over the last two years, discussing the highlights of past podcasts! The guests! The re-mixes! The discussions! You are there!

PLUS-An exclusive interview with local artist/singer/musician Lindsay Stewart! She's a Monkees fan, and covers "Unwrap You For Christmas," and you'll only hear her amazing performance here! 

ALSO-Hear a wonderfully surprising re-mix of "We Were Made For Each Other!" You'll never think of this '68 song in the same way ever again!

AND-Monkees agent and event coordinator Jodi Ritzen calls in, with the very latest Monkees news! Get more Jodi (and holiday jollies) right here!

BONUS-Yet another maniacal Monkees contest! You could win a ton of rare merchandise! Listen in to find out how!

What more could you ask Santa for? Music! Mirth! Monkees! Madness! 

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!

Above four pics: The talented Lindsay "Phoebe Nyx" Stewart! Lindsay
is local performer/musician and Monkees fan, who performs
an amazing cover of "Unwrap You At Christmas!" Hear
it on this episode! Learn more about her right here!

Above: Jocular Jodi Ritzen calls in, to update us on the latest
doings of the Monkees! But that shirt. I dunno..

Above three pics: The lustrous loot you could win, in our latest contest!
Find out how in this very episode!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Episode #20! The Monkees and Politics! Hot "Daily Nightly" Cover Tune! Alan Meets Nez! Contest Winners!

Here we go again, with another awesome episode!

This unusual episode finds us recording remotely, at a local restaurant! You'll hear the fevered crowds react as Alan and Al discuss the connections between the Monkees and politics!

Don't worry, this will not be a boring and dry discussion! We talk about how the MONKEES TV show slid sly political references into its framework, HEAD, the songs, the inclusion of political gadfly Pat Paulsen on the show, even what famed social commentator/psychologist Dr. Timothy Leary had to say about the guys!

PLUS-You get to hear a rare and hot cover of "Daily Nightly" by McGrath! Do you know why that Nez-penned tune has political overtones?

NEXT-Alan recalls his recent trip to the Steel City Con Convention to meet Papa Nez face-to-face! You are there!

BONUS-Our latest colossal contest winner is announced! Is it you?

AND-We proudly re-present our incredible exclusive 2017 interview with Mike Nesmith! Hear the highlights here!

NEXT-Jovial Jodi Ritzen, the Monkees' agent and event coordinator, calls in, with the very latest news and reports from Monkeeland!

And of course, what would a recent episode be like without yet another cover of "Salesman?" You get that here, too!

Mirth! Music! Madness! Mastication! We swear on a stack of Lincoln pennies!

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!

Above: You've heard the guys discuss it during one
of their famous "minute short" segments, but what
is the true story of the 1966 Sunset Strip riots?

Above two images: Comedian and "political savior" Pat Paulsen
appeared on a famed 2nd season MONKEES episode, but
he did so much more! Or tried to.

Above two images: The MONKEES TV show slipped in a 
surprising amount of political and social commentary. 
Hear about it on this episode!

Above: What did psychedelic psychologist Dr. Timothy Leary have
to say about our guys, during the height of their popularity?
You'll find out here!

Above: One of the most horrifying moments of
the VietNam war was seen in HEAD, to
appropriately shocking effect. Hear about
what this filmed execution meant, not
just to the war, how it was perceived, but 

to the field of journalism!

Above: You'll hear a very rare (and fun) 60s cover of "Salesman!"

Above two images: Alan (at last) meets mighty Mike! Hear the complete tale
of Alan's terrific trek up north, to come face-to-face with Papa Nez!

Above: Jodi Ritzen joins in! Hear Jodi Ritzen call in, with the latest Monkees news!

Above: You'll also hear a terrific 2003 "Daily Nightly" cover by McGrath!

Above: Are you the winner of the above Monkees loot? Listen in to find out!

Above four pics: Alan and Al go toe-to-toe over politics, during the
heated recording of this very episode! Not really. No fists were flung.
But, delicious desserts were shared, as we recorded on location, at a
nearby restaurant!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Episode #19! The Monkees and Comic Book Connections! Writer Don Glut Interview! "Salesman" Re-Mix!

Yet another blockbuster episode!

None other than mighty Mike Nesmith starts the show, giving us a sensational shout-out!

Then we swing right into an in-depth discussion of the many Monkees/comic book connections! Not just in print, but you'll find out which superhero-themed actors have a relationship to the guys, the show, and their music! You'll be surprised, as comics fans and experts Al and Alan give you the low-down on the many funny-book facts!

NEXT-Famed comics and SF and comics writer (and producer and movie-maker and musician) Don Glut calls in, with an exclusive interview! Don not only has written for many of the world's most popular comic books and animated TV shows, but he was also part of the Nez-sponsored late-60s band The Penny Arkade! We get all the inside tidbits from Don!

You'll then be treated to a very rare 1971 version of "Salesman," a song written by the Penny Arkade's own Mike Smith! 

Also included is a hot new re-mix of the Monkees' version of this famed '67 song!

PLUS-Monkees agent Jodi Ritzen swings in, with the very latest (and greatest) breaking news!

AND-Our fabulous 3rd contest, with more Monkees swag up for grabs than ever before! Listen to hear what you can win and how you can win it!

PLUS-The usual jokes, laughs, music, mirth, sounds, and fun! More powerful than a locomotive! Or, at least the last train to Clarksville!

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, or Google Play!

Above: My own illustrated feature for BACK ISSUE! magazine! Just a
few of the many Monkees/comics connections you'll hear discussed!

Above: Two examples of the 60s Dell MONKEES comic book!
This series actually ran longer than the band's TV show on NBC!

Above: A look at all the MONKEES Dell covers!

Above: A peek inside of an early issue, with nice art by Jose Delbo!

Above: It's me (right) with comics artist Jose Delbo
himself, in a pic taken at s 2018 comics convention!

Above: Jack "King" Kirby, the artistic co-creator of almost all of Marvel Comics'
main superheroes, drew the above crowded panel, from Marvel's comedy mag,
NOT BRAND ECHH, in 1967! Click here to see much more!

Above: MAD magazine's own Jack Davis drew
this cover (and the insane interiors, too) for this
1967 paperback book! Peer inside here!

Above: More proof ya need? Davy and Mike are handed
two then-current issues of DC Comics superhero books, for a
panicked publicity shot in '66!

Above: A Monkees HEAD comic that never was!
This is a modern "what if" imagining by 
Wayne Shellabarger, produced for a
special showing of the '68 film!

Above: Our guest, Don Glut, famed writer,
musician, producer, and movie-maker! Hear Don
talk about working with his band Penny Arkade
and Mike Nesmith!

Above: Don (far left), and the late-60s band, Penny
Arkade! Don talks about the group, Mike's involvement,
fellow member Craig Smith (author of "Salesman"), and
so much more!

Above: Mike holds court with the Arkade, in this
candid '67 shot!

Above: A '67 teen mag gives a recount of Mike's
work with the Penny Arcade! Thanks to the
Monkees Live Almanac page for this!

Above: The Arkade's "Not The Freeze" CD release,
from the fine folks at Sundazed! Recommended!

Above: A wonderful new book on the Arkade's
main man, Craig Smith! His is a long, odd (and
sometimes sad) story. Highly recommended!

Above: A look inside the above facinating book!

Above: Craig Smith (far right) as part of
show that never made it. Get a
taste of it here!

Find out about Don's latest doings here!

Above: The mass of Monkees merch you could win in our big 3rd contest!
Listen in to find out how!