Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Episode #18! Hank Cicalo Interview! Recording Engineer for The Monkees! Plus--What if the Monkees Never Booted Kirshner?

Swing into sizzling summer action, as we celebrate the fabulous 51st anniversary of the halcyon and historical HEADQUARTERS album!

First up-Alan and Al play a great game of "what if?" What if the Monkees never shook off Don Kirshner? How would that work? What would all the later albums sound like? What would HEADQUARTERS consist of? How would this affect concerts? Chart hits? How could Mike ever work successfully with Donnie? Lots of fun, discussing "coulda/shoulda been" scenarios!

ALSO-Hear our exclusive new interview with the man who recorded HEADQUARTERS (and so many other bits of Monkees music), engineer Hank Cicalo! Hank "ran the board" for the HQ album, and has a clear memory of working with the guys! Hear about the challenges, the risks, and the pressures, of being part of the newly-independent Monkees music!

NEXT-Monkees agent and event organizer Jodi Ritzen calls us, with the latest news on the Micky and Mike tour, and Monkees meet-and-greet happenings!

PLUS-A great re-mix of the chart-topping "I'm a Believer!" You can't miss this! 

AND-(Can ya stand even more?) We announce our latest TPCHC contest! Win even more rare 60s treasures! Hear how! It's easy!

Plus-Music! Mirth! Madness! More you can want?

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Above: We all know the story. Upset with the iron-hand handling from  Don Kirshner,
Mike and the band really wanted out. Just look at how happy Nez is in the above pic.

Above: You gotta love Donnie's adoring praise for "his boys." When not
being interviewed, he had somewhat different (and very limiting) views
of the boys...

Above: Free at last! The band celebrates its independence, and
the recording of their did-it-ourselves HEADQUARTERS
album! Note Hank as "the Monkee in the middle!"

Above: The fascinating story of "No Time!"

Above two pics: Mike is flanked by Hank, during the
in 1967!

Above: Hank (center) in the studio with James Taylor and Carole King,
recording the famed TAPESTY album!

Above: Hank is sitting between Boyce and Hart, two
songwriters the Monkees used before and after the
Kirshner break!

Above: Hank in more recent times, enjoying a toast to
a long and successful career!

Wanna hear Alan and Al have another discussion on how HEADQUARTERS coulda
been different? Click here to listen in on this torrid 2016 confab!

Want the very latest about the Micky and Mike tour? Or the
up-to-date scoops on Monkees meet-and-greets? Hear Jodi Ritzen
on this very episode, and click herefor even more awesome info!

Above three images: Alan (left) and Al (right) recording this very epic episode! 

Above three pics: Alan models the new lot of loot you could win!
Rare 80s fanzines! A super-rare HERE NO EVIL sticker! An
actual 1968 copy of MONKEES SPECTACULAR #16!

Above four images: A peek inside that colossal copy of MONKEES SPEC!
Listen to this very episode to learn how it can be yours!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Episode #17! Another Look at HERE NO EVIL! Producer Jim Johnson Interview! New Re-Mix of "P.O. Box 9847!" Monkees News! More!

We swing back into action with a fun new episode!

We take another look at the famed 1992 Monkees tribute CD, HERE NO EVIL (first covered in episode 11 right here), complete with an exclusive new interview with the creator and producer of the CD, Jim Johnson! Jim talks about his long-lived love for the Monkees, the songs picked to tribute, and the makings of this early-90s masterpiece!

We spotlight "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day" from the HNE CD, with a special focus on the late (but forever great) Larry Joe Miller!

PLUS-Hear a great rockin' re-mix of "P.O. Box 9847!" Guaranteed-you've never heard it like this before!

AND-Monkees event organizer and agent Jodi Ritzen chimes in with the very latest news on Monkees happenings that may be coming to your town!

BONUS-We announce the wonderful winner of our first ever colossal contest! Is it you?

Add the usually commentary, fun, laughs, and music, and you've got another winning episode in your hot little hands!

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Above there images: The cover and liner notes from the fabulous
HERE NO EVIL Monkees tribute CD! Hear Jim Johnson reveal
what it took to put this daring disc together, back in the
early 90s!

Above: The late Larry Joe Miller, who performed "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day"
on the tribute disc! Find out more about this remarkable rockabilly artist,
by going over here!

Above: At long last! Learn who is the lucky winner of the lustrous loot seen
above! We announce the wondrous winner of our first contest in this very
episode! Remember- It's not over! Even more rare Monkees swag is on the line,
so keep an ear close to this very podcast!

Above three images: We speak to Jodi Ritzen once more,
as we get the low-down on Micky's solo shows,
Monkees meet-and-greets, and the very latest on the
Mike and Micky shows! Go here for more
up-to-date info!

Above: In this epic episode, Al states he has actual Micky Dolenz hair
in storage! Can it be true?!

Above: What other podcast gives you
impressions of both Adam West and
Jerry Lewis? You're welcome.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Episode #16! Exclusive Bobby Hart Interview! Monkees Songwriter! Rare Boyce & Hart Monkees Covers!


This is the big blockbuster episode!

Famed songwriter Bobby Hart calls in, recalling his days of co-writing some of the Monkees biggest hits ("Last Train to Clarksville," "Monkees Theme," "Valleri," etc.), his early impression of the guys themselves, the hits, Don Kirshner, writing with partner Tommy Boyce, the Boyce & Hart recording years, later reunions, and so much more! A fabulous interview, where we ask our trademark "off the beaten path" questions!

PLUS: Hear the rare Boyce & Hart versions of a few of their Monkees tunes, such as "Teardrop City," and "P.O. Box 9847!" 

AND: You can also learn how Boyce and Hart affected US history!

BONUS: Monkees agent and event organizer Jodi Ritzen calls in, with sea-going tales of the 2018 "Flower Power Cruise," Micky's karaoke events, and much more Monkees machinations!

WOW! A contest update! You can still win the treasure trove of rare Monkees goodies! Find out how!

Music! Interviews! Updates! Humor! Love! What more could any frantic fan ask for? 

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Above: The songwriting team of Boyce & Hart, circa 1968!
The team had penned many hits before coming onto the
MONKEES project, and many afterwards, too!
Visit their official site here!

Above: The duo on BEWITCHED! Bobby talks about how
this was one his most enjoyable TV appearances...

Above two images: How did this 1969 single help 
change US history? Find out in this episode! 

Above three images: It's 1976, and Boyce & Hart have joined forces with
Micky and Davy for a well-received concert tour, as Dolenz, Jones,
Boyce & Hart!

Above: You'll hear Al discuss the DJB&H "Live in Japan" early-80s
LP import, and how (at the time) he thought "this will be the
closest I get to hearing a live Monkees concert!" Rhino
Records would soon come to the rescue...

Above: You'll hear us discuss the oddball and
innovative (and forward-thinking) '76
DJB&H syndicated TV special! You can see it
here, you lucky dog!

Above: You'll hear us reference this amazing B&H documentary!

Above: A look at the B&H film, from a recent
issue of SHINDIG! magazine!

Above: A must-read for any Monkees fan!
Order it here

Above three images: Fans (including Jodi Ritzen) have
fun during the 2018 "Flower Power Cruise!"
Find out more about it (and more madcap
Monkees events) here!

Above: Affable Alan Williams holds aloft the new prize package for our
fervent fans! We've even made it easier to win the displayed treasures,
so take a listen to this epic episode to find out how!