Saturday, March 16, 2019

Episode #23! Valerie Kairys Venet Interview! Plus--What 70s Hits Coulda Been Done by The Monkees?

Here we come! Back in the saddle with more musical mirth!

First, Alan and Al pontificate and ponder over the many rockin' radio hits (from 1968-1973) that a still-united Monkees coulda (and maybe shoulda) recorded! Imagine Micky singing "Mama Told Me Not to Come!" Davy performing "Alone Again, Naturally" Peter singing "Spirit in the Sky!" Mike belting out "Crystal Blue Persuasion?" We make influential arguments for each of our many choices! 

What are some of your picks? Do they match ours? What would you change? Which songs would you add?

BONUS-We discuss the fabulous album, INSTANT REPLAY! It's 50 years old now, and Alan and Al discuss what the LP (and 8-track) meant to them, its highs and lows, and so much more!

THEN-Part one of a very special interview with "the Monkees girl," Valerie Kairys Venet! You know her not only as "Toby," from the famed "Monkees à la Mode" episode, but didja know she appeared in almost every other MONKEES show, too? She was a show extra, background dancer, partier, crowd observer, girlfriend, and so much more (including--Davy's stand-in?!) throughout the series! Hear her tell about how she came to the show, her memories and impressions (then and now) of the guys, the producers, and so much more!

NEXT-We announce the winner of our latest colossal contest! Did you win the latest over-flowing treasure chest of Monkees merch and rarities? Listen to find out!

AND-Hear not one, but two riotous re-mixes! Al unleashes his re-mix of the 1966 "TV version" of "Valleri" (of course), as well as a new terrific take of "Gonna Buy Me a Dog," like you ain't never heard before!

PLUS-Laughter! Music! Memories! More!

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!

Above seven images: Valerie makes the swingin' scene on THE MONKEES!
She appeared as "Toby" in one very famous show,
as well as being a featured player on many other
exciting episodes! 

Above two images: "Holy Pop-Culture Icon!" Valerie also appeared as
"Kitty," one of Catwoman's menacing minions on the 60s
BATMAN show! That Batman guy sure gets around! 

Above: A relatively recent pic of our gal
with the guys! 

You'll rock out when you hear Al's re-mix of the
"TV version" of "Valleri!"

You also get to hear a very rare
re-mix of "Gonna Buy Me a Dog!"
You'll never think of this song
the same way ever again!

INSTANT REPLAY was Al's very first Monkees
album (8-track, actually), and he and Alan have a
great time discussing the highlights (and a few mis-fires)
on this half-century-old (!) release!

Recall, in our last awesome episode (right here), how
we asked you what Monkees songs you woulda
loved to hear other bands and singers perform?
We picked one winner from the FB page respondents,
in this episode! Did you win?

Above three images: It's our own 
Micky Dolenz, in a famed early-70s TV ad
for a "Number One Hits of the 70s" record
set! Micky mugs it up in a ton of wacky romps,
all for many of the same songs we discuss
in his very episode, including "Judy
in Disguise!

Friday, March 1, 2019

James Lee Stanley! Exclusive 2019 Interview!

Monkees fans know James Lee Stanley as one half of the famed Two Man Band, a fabulous duo that consisted of James Lee and Peter Tork! 

The duo toured widely in the 90s (and beyond), and left us with some amazing live and recorded music!

But, James Lee Stanley is a long-time creator, writer, and musician, crafting his own very fine music for many decades.

We were honored to be able to talk to James Lee, about his decades-long relationship with the late Peter Tork, his own music, and so much more.

Click below to take a listen!

Above: Musician/writer/actor James Lee Stanley! Be sure to visit him here
Above three images: James Lee teamed with his
sometimes-partner, Peter Tork!

Above images: From the pages of late-90s MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE
issues, fans recount Peter and James during their Lewisville
NC (and other) shows, as well as "Two Man Band" launch parties!
Click to enlarge! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Peter Tork 2005 Radio Interviews! Shoe Suede Blues!

Here are some rare and fun radio show appearances by Peter Tork, as he (and his band Shoe Suede Blues) blasted thru Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2005! 

Peter rocks both "The Keith Larson Show," as well as the popular "Pam Stone Show!"

Peter talks about the Monkees, his then-current doings, his shows at the historic Double Door Inn, and even performs a few tunes live! Listen as he wows the interviewers, and the thrilled callers!

Above: Peter and the Shoe Suede Blues rock the Double Door Inn, Summer 2005!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Episode #22--Remembering Peter Tork.

In the effort to offer something that may help fans heal and recall Peter Tork, Alan and Al remember their own personal interactions with Peter, in this special memorial episode that includes memories, music, and more. We join other fans in mourning and fellowship, as we celebrate Peter Tork--the musician, performer, and friend. 

Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play.

Above: Al snapped these pics at the 1986 Monkees Convention
in Philedelphia! It was a thrill to finally see one of
the Monkees in the flesh, and Peter was the first one
to meet the crowds that wild weekend!

Above images: Peter (with Micky and Davy) invaded
Charlotte, NC in 1996, staging a signing at the local Media
Play store, and meeting tons of fevered fans! See my own
footage of the event here! I was even able to hang
out (and discuss art) with Micky, who was hosting
a showing of his artwork downtown!

Above images: Peter rocks Lewisville, North Carolina, in 1997!
You'll hear how Peter made many more return appearances (sometimes
with partner James Lee Stanley, as a duo) to this intimate
venue, thrilling crowds onstage, and during his after-show
meet-and greet sessions! See footage from the 1997 show here!

Above: Peter was very generous with his time at the Lewisville
gigs, greeting fans and snapping pics, such as this one with Al Bigley!

Above images: Peter holds court during the sound-check at
the Monkees 2016 concert in Charlotte, NC! He engaged the
rapt audience with stories about his early feelings about
rock-and-roll, the banjo, and other topics!

Above: Stick around to the end of this episode to hear a very stirring
rendition of "Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again," by the
Monkeephiles. That's them above, posing with some unknown hangers-on.
Visit the Monkeephiles here

Above: What an unexpected treat! Comics and commercial artist
great Bill Sienkiewicz created this amazing tribute art
to Peter...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2005 Micky Dolenz Radio Interview!

Here a great and frank interview with Micky Dolenz, on WBT's THE KEITH LARSON SHOW, from Charlotte, North Carolina!
Micky talks about the Monkees, his book, and his then-current broadway run!
He also fields some great call-in questions!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Episode #21! MONKEES CHRISTMAS PARTY Reviewed! 2-Year Anniversary Show! Exclusive Cover Songs and Re-Mixes!

Get into the happy holiday spirit with this hot new yuletide episode!

We zip right down the chimney with a song-by-song review of the new CHRISTMAS PARTY CD! 

What songs are true gifts to us fans? Which ones just don't deliver the magic? Hear Al's irrational rage over McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime!" We go toe-to-toe over the Monkees first full seasonal disc! 

Next, Alan and Al look back over the last two years, discussing the highlights of past podcasts! The guests! The re-mixes! The discussions! You are there!

PLUS-An exclusive interview with local artist/singer/musician Lindsay Stewart! She's a Monkees fan, and covers "Unwrap You For Christmas," and you'll only hear her amazing performance here! 

ALSO-Hear a wonderfully surprising re-mix of "We Were Made For Each Other!" You'll never think of this '68 song in the same way ever again!

AND-Monkees agent and event coordinator Jodi Ritzen calls in, with the very latest Monkees news! Get more Jodi (and holiday jollies) right here!

BONUS-Yet another maniacal Monkees contest! You could win a ton of rare merchandise! Listen in to find out how!

What more could you ask Santa for? Music! Mirth! Monkees! Madness! 

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!

Above four pics: The talented Lindsay "Phoebe Nyx" Stewart! Lindsay
is local performer/musician and Monkees fan, who performs
an amazing cover of "Unwrap You At Christmas!" Hear
it on this episode! Learn more about her right here!

Above: Jocular Jodi Ritzen calls in, to update us on the latest
doings of the Monkees! But that shirt. I dunno..

Above three pics: The lustrous loot you could win, in our latest contest!
Find out how in this very episode!