Friday, February 16, 2018

Episode #15! Nez Guitarist John Jorgenson Speaks! And-The Best Monkees Merch?

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains numerous occasions of such strong wording and expressions as "wax my newt," and "Peter plug." Proceed with caution!

This is the big (and we mean big) one!

Alan and Al swing back into action, with an exclusive new interview with versatile musician John Jorgenson! John played with Mike on many 90s tours (including the wonderful "Live at the Britt" stop), and has many tales of his involvement in music, the wonderful instruments he's played (many on a few Papa Nez solo efforts), and his relationship (and insights into) Mike! You don't wanna miss John recount Mike's first meeting with the Jimi Hendrix experience!

BONUS: Hear a super-rare 70s live Nez tune, along with a 90s live performance of "Total Control!" 

Also-Your podcast hosts discuss the best and worst of the multitudes of Monkees merchandise that've been furiously flung our way for the past 50 years! The toys! T-shirts! Dolls (I mean--"action figures")! The books! The Monkeemobiles! Match against your fave choices!

By popular demand-Hear the vocal-less backing track of the controversial Monkees tune, "The Day We Fall In Love!" This fandom-dividing song has been brought back into the spotlight due to the recent Rhino MORE OF THE MONKEES box set, so judge the virtues of this little ditty for yourself, with this interesting mix!

Also-Monkees agent and event organizer Jodi Ritzen calls in with the very latest from Mike and Micky! Hear the latest news, plans, and how you can be a part of it all!

PLUS-Our first-ever TPCHC contest! Listen to hear how you can win a rare 1987 Monkees tour book!

Fun! Laughter! Lawyers! Shock-collars! What more could a Monkee-maniac ask for?

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Above: Master musician John Jorgenson joins the show for a wonderful interview!
Hear John's tales of in-studio recording, on-the-road concerts, and (of course) mighty
Mike Nesmith! Catch up on all the latest news, touring info, and music from John
right here!

Above: You'll hear our special segment announcing Peter's
amazing new CD, RELAX YOUR MIND! Order it right here!

Above five pics: Hear us discuss the many
bits of Monkees merch that have emerged
over the past 5 decades, including the
original Corgi die-cast Monkeemobiles,
rare model kits, Rhino-produced products,
and so much more!

Above: A 1986 ad from MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE, spotlights then-new
tees (I had the HEAD and PAC&J cover shirts), and reproductions of
Gene Ashman's famed 8-button Monkees shirts!

Above three images: It's the collection of your co-host, Al Bigley!
Of course, this doesn't include shirts, original Monkees magazines,
comic books, trading cards, pics, prints, posters...

Above: You'll hear jovial Jodi Ritzen talk about Micky's latest charity-minded efforts,
including personally signed drum heads, live karaoke events, cruises, and so
much more! Get more info here!

Above two images: THAT'S RIGHT! YOU could win this rare
1987 Monkees Summer tour program! Listen in to the
podcast to find out how to enter our first-ever TPCHC
contest! It's so easy! It's so fun!

Above: Al came dressed to the nines for this special episode!
Only the best for our frantic fans!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Episode #14! Mike Nesmith Calls In! First National Band News! Exclusive Interview! Christian and Circe, Too!

THIS IS IT! Hear us go one-on-one with Nez himself, in this exclusive (and very candid) 12/2017 interview!

Mike talks about his exciting new touring plans with the newly-reconstituted First National Band (a line-up that includes a host of Nesmith family members)! 

Plus, memories of playing (and returning to) the famed Troubadour club!

Set list songs you can expect to hear live!

Current upcoming plans revealed, direct from Michael himself!

Not one to be missed!

Plus: Christian Nesmith and Circe Link (both members of the new FNB) call in! Christian talks about working with his dad, playing the "solo songs," and reveals a few surprises! Circe tells of her love for the nifty Nez catalog, her concert involvements, and more!

BUT WAIT-THERE'S MORE! Just when you thought "Al and Alan just can't possibly have any more Monkees/Nez goodness to deliver," we have another surprise! Monkees agent/event coordinator Jodi Ritzen gives us a ring, and lets a few secrets fly! 

So, quit just hangin' 'round, and listen now

Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

Above: Papa Nez is ready and excited to take his new
First National Band on the road in the first months of 2018!

Want tickets to the hottest concerts of the new year? Check out
VideoRanch over here!

Above: West Hollywood's famed Troubadour club, which has such a special place in
not only past Monkees/Nez history, but future plans, as well! Find out all
about it in this episode!

Above: New FNB members Christian Nesmith and Circe Link! Hear them discuss
Mike's solo songs, new approaches to them, and touring plans! Check out their
own incredibly creative efforts over here!

Above: The late (but always great) Red Rhodes! Mike talks lovingly about
the famed pedal steel guitarist in this interview, his role in the first
First National Band, and more!

Above: You'll hear silly songsmith Ray Stevens (of "The Streak" fame) cited, but 
did you know he also recorded a parody take of "Theme from the Monkees?"

Above: Podcast co-host Al Bigley rocks his Batman costume, at
a 2017 charity event! You'll hear Al tease Jodi Ritzen about his
tights, and Mike's "Nudie suit!" 

Above: It's Nudie Cohn, creator of the famous western-flavored "Nudie suits," much
like the star-spangled one worn by Mike in the 60s/70s! And one that may
just be making a comeback during a certain 2018 tour...

Monday, December 11, 2017

Episode #12! Big Holiday Show! Jodi Ritzen Debuts! Rare X-Mas Tunes! More!

Break out the eggnog and candy canes! Our fabulous Happy Holidays 2017 episode #12 is here! Get it? December is the 12th month? Episode 12? Hey, if we got to number our last episode #13, to fit the Halloween theme, we can do this! Phooey!

You will thrill as you hear our exclusive interview with super fan and Monkees agent/event organizer Jodi Ritzen, as she talks about her past and current involvement with the guys, developing new ventures for Mike and Micky, her love of the Monkees themselves, and upcoming surprise events in Monkeedom! Jodi will be a powerful participant in future episodes, so keep an ear out!

PLUS: You'll hear a searing re-mix of a wonderful live version of "Sunny Girlfriend," performed by Mike, Micky, Peter, and the band in 2014!

Rare Christmas music! "Christmas is My Time of Year!" "Monkees '86 Christmas Medley!"

We revisit boisterous Butch Patrick as he speaks about his role in the famed 1967 "Monkees Christmas Show!" We yak about the episode!

Alan talks about his past e-mail confabs with Micky and Mike!

Plus: Laughs! Cheer! Sound Effects, and (most importantly) fun!

So what are you waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

Above five images: Jodi Ritzen hobnobs with the Monkees, be it
at the famed Monkees conventions, private confabs, or discussions
for upcoming meet-and greet events, appearances or signings!

Above two images: Here is the trade advertising and 45 sleeve
for "Christmas is My Time of Year," the 1976 single produced by
HEADQUARTERS helmer Chip Douglas!

Above: It's the Monkees (yep, that's Mike as Santa) taking a
break from filming the magnificent MTV '86 Christmas
Medley video! That other fella is concert impresario
David Fishof also posing in the pic!

Above: The Monkees perform "Sunny Girlfriend" live in 2014! 
Hear a fabulous re-mix of this sizzling live cut!

Above: You'll hear Alan reference Al's shocking new "hair style" many times
during this indelible episode! The above pic reveals the reason why!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Episode #13! Special Halloween Blast! Ron "The Count" Masak Interview! Rare 90s Davy Track!

You read right! You didn't miss an episode!

We skipped a beat to bring you our Halloween-themed unlucky episode #13!

You'll shudder, as you hear our eerie exclusive interview with actor Ron Masak, "the Count" from the famed "Monstrous Monkee Mash" episode! 

Ron talks about his ad-libbing on that episode, the guys themselves, and the sinister secrets behind his malevolent monster make-up for the role!

He also discusses his many roles in Hollywood, his incredible voice-over work and impersonations, his TV commercial ad gigs, and so very much more!

PLUS: We treat (not trick) you, with a fun and rare early-90s Davy Jones solo tune, "I Wanna Fall in Love With Someone!"

Plus! A fun little treat is lurking at the end of this episode!

Laughs! Chills! Screams! Fun!  And so very much more!

So, what are you waiting for? A cab from Transylvania? Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

Above images: It's Ron Masak, camping it up as "the Count!" Hear his tales of
filming the malevolent "Monstrous Monkee Mash" episode!

Above: Here's Ron in the 70s, in a TV ad for the
(now discontinued) Go Ahead candy bar! Ron got to
perform his incredible Lou Costello impression
for the advert! You can find this ad on YouTube!

Above: Ron also provided the Groucho-like
voice of the Vlasic Pickles stork for years!

Above: Here's Ron on the long-running
MURDER, SHE WROTE television series!

Above: A Halloween-themed banner I created, for the
the lads over at Monkees Live Almanac! Images

taken from a certain fear-filled episode...

Above: It's delightful Davy Jones, in the 90s!
Hear a rare 90s solo Davy track in this
try episode! Lots of fun!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Episode #13 Promo! Ron "The Count" Masak Speaks!

Who will be the nefarious next interviewee for our unlucky #13 Halloween episode?

We'll let "the Count" himself, fresh from "Monstrous Monkee Mash," give ya a creepy clue! Just click below!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Episode #11! HERE NO EVIL Tribute CD! Rare Covers! Natty Moss Bond Interview! Mike in the 90s!

This is the big one!

We spring right out of the gate with a fabulous review of the first Monkees tribute album, 1992's HERE NO EVIL! You'll hear us discuss the hits and misses of this dynamic disc, and hear some rare cuts from the album itself!

Then, we swing into our exclusive interview with singer/artist Natty Moss Bond, who was part of the band who contributed a blazing cover of "You Told Me" for the CD! Natty talks about her life-long love of the Monkees, how she came to be involved with the tribute CD, why she picked "YTM," and so much more!

Next, we look at Mike Nesmith's solo 90s concerts and CDs! Listen in as we discuss his 1992 tour, and hear a rare live performance of "Tomorrow and Me!"

Alan also voices his thoughts on the latest self-important snub from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (get your asbestos ear-muffs ready), and so much more!

Laughs (Kills Lonesome)! Love! Music! Monkees! Even a splash of McCartney! :0

So what are you waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

Above images: Taken from the HERE NO EVIL liner book, here's the
track/artist line-up, along with some notes from Bobby Hart himself!

Above: From a 1992 MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE, here is an early run-down on the tribute CD!

Above images: Mike Nesmith during his acclaimed 1992 concert tour!

Above: You'll hear Al talk about seeing Mike live in Atlanta, during his nifty '92
tour! Al snapped the above pic (left), sent it to Mike at Pacific Arts, and got
it returned, signed! 

Above: Mike in his 1994 "turquoise belt buckle" period! You'll hear
us discuss this (thankfully) short-lived phase! 

Above images: From 1994 issues of MBF, here are some fan accounts of
Mike's "Armando the Newt" concert performances, where he played very
little, but sang and danced (!) quite a bit! You'll hear Alan and Al
mention these shows...

Above: Alan and Al often reference back issues of
MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE, and here are your
two hospitable hosts holding said fanzines! Al has
every issue (and then some) from 1986 onward!

Above: Performer Natty Moss Bond, part of Multi-Colored House,
who covered "You Told Me" with spectacular results!

Check out the artistic works of our guest, Natty Moss Bond, at this spectacular site!