Saturday, October 12, 2019

Script to Screen! "The Picture Frame!" Spot the Many Differences!

I was lucky enough to get my paws on a copy of the '67 shooting script for the famed 2nd-season MONKEES episode, "The Picture Frame," so let's all dive in and spot the many differences that occurred when this wacky adventure got transferred from script to screen!  Click images below to enlarge!

Above: The actual episode begins as the band (minus Peter) arrives
inside the film studio. The producers probably thought to just use
the existing soundstages THE MONKEES was already filmed on, instead
of searching out an actual location for a "dilapidated old movie
studio" exterior!

Above: In the filmed version, the guys simply approach the crook's desk, with no spotlight gag.

Above: The visual "cut away" gag (a staple of THE MONKEES series) of
the bricks falling was never used.

Above: Mike's little speech to the bank guard was cut..

Above: In the actual episode, we cut right to the guys, in their pad, being confronted by police outside their door. In the script, the guys are rehearsing their Oscar-acceptance speeches, with Peter even posing as the famous industry statue!

Above: In a line not used in the filmed version, Micky zings
Mike with this comparison to Jerry Lewis. Oddly, so much of
Micky's comedy act was cribbed from Lewis!

Above: This cute "file" gag was substituted for a different take on the word! Peter brings fingernail files, and not paper files or (as expected) metal files!

Above: To prove just how much the Monkees successfully ad-libbed and improvised, check out the simple bit with Mike wooing the female judge. Mike added so much more to this gag when filmed, even attempting to eat a portion of the flowers offered to the judge!

Above: Again, the Monkees were only given simple script instructions for some scenes (such as this "food distribution" bit), and, as filmed, we see just how much the band brought to the comedy!

Above: Most of these scripted "romp gags" went unused, and, as filmed, Peter simply runs to the courthouse and enters (as opposed to entering thru a low window), with the gangsters dogging his heels!

Above: This "tag" was fully dropped in the filmed version, to make
room for a video of the band performing "Randy Scouse Git!"

The wrap-up: When the group, in '67, was 

being raked over the coals for not playing 
their own instruments on early cuts, the 
band took comport in ownership over much 
of the comedy of the TV show, pointing out 
just how much improvising and creativity 
they were allowed to bring to bear in that 
arena. Looking at many shooting scripts, like 
this one, demonstrates just how tre-
mendous their contributions were, in 
concert with directors like Jim Frawley (who 
helmed this very episode)!

Friday, August 2, 2019

Episode #24! 50th Anniversary of 33 1/3 REVOLUTIONS PER MONKEE! Part two of Our Valerie Kairys Interview! New Contest! Re-Mix!

We're back!

Dive into another fun and frivolously freaky epsiode, as Alan and Al decipher the enduring enigma that is--33 1/3 REVOLUTION PER MONKEE! What was it about? What worked? What didn't? Fave songs and guest stars? The hosts look deep into this famed (and far-out) 1969 TV special, and you are there!

PLUS-Part two of our incredible interview with everyone's favorite "Monkees girl," Valerie Kairys Venet! Hear her talk about the guys, the show, the set, and so very much more!

NEW-Hear a sizzling rockin' re-mix of the ever-amazing Monkees tune,  "Naked Persimmon!" You've never heard it quite like this before!

AND-Al and Alan tell you about the latest round of rare Monkees merch that you can win! What is it? What ya gotta do to snag it? All here!

THEN-The ever-jocular Jodi Ritzen (Monkees agent and event coordinator) fills us all in on the very latest Monkees happenings near (and far from) you! You can't miss it!

ALSO-Laughter, lightness, and love!

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!

Above seven images: Some rare shots from the
frantic filming of 33 1/3 REVOLUTIONS PER
MONKEE! Many are courtesy of the wonderful
Monkees Live Almanac page!

Above two images: Hear the great actress Valerie Kairys Venet, in the
2nd part of our indelible interview! She discusses the
Monkees, each band member, and her more recent doings!

Above: Monkees agent and event-maker Jodi Ritzen
(seen here posing between two unidentified persons) calls in, with
news of the very latest Monkees happenings going on!

Above: This awesome episode contains a blazing hot
re-mix of "Naked Persimmon!" There's even
an amazing video to accompany the re-mix,
as seen right here!

Above: Amicable Alan William gropes the many bits and
pieces of madcap Monkees merch that could be yours!
How? Just listen in! Shirts! Rare posters! 60s magazines!
Rare CDs! More!

Monday, July 22, 2019


Altho the famous MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE (the Monkees news and communication document 'zine for decades) normally ran photos on each cover, some issues sported wonderfully creative artwork, by Monkees fans from around the world! Peer below to see a few choice examples!
Art by Charles F. Rosenay.

Art by Vickie Lee Trueblood.

Art by Elizabeth Viztes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Micky Dolenz 1987 LARRY KING SHOW Interview!


Here is Micky, in a very frank and sane 1987 radio interview about his career! From CIRCUS BOY to THE MONKEES (then enjoying a riotous reunion), to his MIKE HAMMER guest turn!

A refreshingly adult and delightful 45-minute chat on the LARRY KING radio show!

Click below to listen and enjoy!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Episode #23! Valerie Kairys Venet Interview! Plus--What 70s Hits Coulda Been Done by The Monkees?

Here we come! Back in the saddle with more musical mirth!

First, Alan and Al pontificate and ponder over the many rockin' radio hits (from 1968-1973) that a still-united Monkees coulda (and maybe shoulda) recorded! Imagine Micky singing "Mama Told Me Not to Come!" Davy performing "Alone Again, Naturally" Peter singing "Spirit in the Sky!" Mike belting out "Crystal Blue Persuasion?" We make influential arguments for each of our many choices! 

What are some of your picks? Do they match ours? What would you change? Which songs would you add?

BONUS-We discuss the fabulous album, INSTANT REPLAY! It's 50 years old now, and Alan and Al discuss what the LP (and 8-track) meant to them, its highs and lows, and so much more!

THEN-Part one of a very special interview with "the Monkees girl," Valerie Kairys Venet! You know her not only as "Toby," from the famed "Monkees à la Mode" episode, but didja know she appeared in almost every other MONKEES show, too? She was a show extra, background dancer, partier, crowd observer, girlfriend, and so much more (including--Davy's stand-in?!) throughout the series! Hear her tell about how she came to the show, her memories and impressions (then and now) of the guys, the producers, and so much more!

NEXT-We announce the winner of our latest colossal contest! Did you win the latest over-flowing treasure chest of Monkees merch and rarities? Listen to find out!

AND-Hear not one, but two riotous re-mixes! Al unleashes his re-mix of the 1966 "TV version" of "Valleri" (of course), as well as a new terrific take of "Gonna Buy Me a Dog," like you ain't never heard before!

PLUS-Laughter! Music! Memories! More!

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!

Above seven images: Valerie makes the swingin' scene on THE MONKEES!
She appeared as "Toby" in one very famous show,
as well as being a featured player on many other
exciting episodes! 

Above two images: "Holy Pop-Culture Icon!" Valerie also appeared as
"Kitty," one of Catwoman's menacing minions on the 60s
BATMAN show! That Batman guy sure gets around! 

Above: A relatively recent pic of our gal
with the guys! 

You'll rock out when you hear Al's re-mix of the
"TV version" of "Valleri!"

You also get to hear a very rare
re-mix of "Gonna Buy Me a Dog!"
You'll never think of this song
the same way ever again!

INSTANT REPLAY was Al's very first Monkees
album (8-track, actually), and he and Alan have a
great time discussing the highlights (and a few mis-fires)
on this half-century-old (!) release!

Recall, in our last awesome episode (right here), how
we asked you what Monkees songs you woulda
loved to hear other bands and singers perform?
We picked one winner from the FB page respondents,
in this episode! Did you win?

Above three images: It's our own 
Micky Dolenz, in a famed early-70s TV ad
for a "Number One Hits of the 70s" record
set! Micky mugs it up in a ton of wacky romps,
all for many of the same songs we discuss
in his very episode, including "Judy
in Disguise!