Friday, April 21, 2017

Episode #7! Just How Good Was JUSTUS? Coco Dolenz Interview-Part Three! The RRHOF! More!

"What number is this, Chip?"

Here we go again, with another big awesome episode!

This time, hear Alan and Al go toe-to-toe over POOL IT! vs. JUSTUS! Try to guess which one we love more! Seriously, we pick (and pan) the best songs, the mis-fires, how Rhino coulda better sold the album, the origins of JUSTUS, and so much more!

AND-At last! The 3rd (and final) part of our Coco Dolenz interview! Coco recalls which Monkees songs (then and now) she participated in, Micky, current projects and shows, and more!

More on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and their continual snubbing of the Monkees...

AND-Hear an amazing exclusive re-mix of the Monkees' 1970 single, OH MY MY!

Plus: Attempts at Humor! Sound effects! Music! Jokes! Editorializing! 

This is the big one!

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Above: Say, that poncho sure seems familiar! 

Above: You'll hear Coco refer to this very pic!
Micky and sis, recording in '69!

Above: The Monkees prepare for their triumphant 1996 "Billboard Live" concert!

Above three images: The mid-90s JUSTUS years! The band was fully
restored (for a while, anyway), and ready to rock!

Above: Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament proudly wore this shirt (during 
PJ's performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
induction ceremony) as a protest against certain acts not 
(yet) being inducted into the RRHOF! Look closely!

Don't miss the fabulous re-mix of the band's 1970 shoulda-hit, OH MY MY!

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In this powerful podcast, you'll hear Coco Dolenz mention her wonderful websites! Keep up with her right here, and check out her (very) creative side here! 

In this indelible episode, you'll also catch Alan and Al discuss the Monkees 1996 Charlotte, North Carolina visit, to promote JUSTUS! See the super-rare footage (with news coverage) here!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Episode #6! How Bad Was POOL IT? TAPIOCA TUNDRA Re-Mixed! Coco Dolenz Speaks Again!

Despite an avalanche of requests, we're back again with yet another episode of our far-flung podcast!

This time, Alan and Al (wait for it) dive into the 1987 Monkees reunion LP, POOL IT! Just how bad was it? Did it come too late in the Monkees revival period? What were the best songs? The worst? And, most importantly, who is "Rico?"

Plus: The high-charting 1968 Monkees single TAPIOCA TUNDRA is re-mixed, into a wild and disturbing new version, one you've not heard before!

And, part two of our exclusive interview with the talented Coco Dolenz, as she discusses her famous family, Micky's CIRCUS BOY fame vs. his MONKEES fame, growing up in showbiz, her solo work, and more!

Plus: Humor! Sound effects! Star Trek! Music! Jokes! Editorializing! 

Another big one!

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Above: A Rhino Records promotional poster, hyping the controversial
POOL IT! comeback album, from 1987!

Above: Which T'Pau do you prefer?

Above: The 1987 charting positions for both POOL IT! and
the HEART AND SOUL single!

Above two images: The inside story of MTV's 1987 grudge against the reformed Monkees,
as discussed in this episode! From the pages of a 1987 MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE!

Above: The reunited Monkees at a signing event, flanked by images from
the POOL IT! record covers...

Above: The sleeve for the 1968 VALLERI/TAPIOCA TUNDRA single!
VALLERI came in a #3 on the charts, with TT hitting the 34th spot!

Above: Listen closely to this episode, to hear the rare
Thom McAn "Monkee Boots" radio ad! Don't blink!

Above: No, that's not Jim Carrey! It's comedian
Ish Kabibble! Alan mentions this famed 40s star
during the Coco Dolenz interview! And the story
behind that story can be heard here!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

EPISODE #5! Coco Dolenz Interview--Part One! THEN & NOW Discussed! Plus-LOOK OUT Re-Mixed!

The big 5th episode is here at last! 

You'll hear part one of our exclusive interview with Coco Dolenz! She discusses life with her brother, Micky, why the Monkees still mean so much to fans today (and yesterday), and her upcoming projects!

Also-We discuss the 1986 "reunion" LP, THEN & NOW! Why did Davy not want to be involved in this project? What if Arista records had gone on to produce further '86 reunion LPs from the group? How do those three "new" songs stack up?

And--A hot new extended re-mix of "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)! 

And: More impersonations of forgotten Hollywood stars! Inside info! Jokes! Sound effects! And SO much more!

This one you don't wanna miss!

Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

BONUS: Look below for some images that tie into the sensational subjects we cover in this awesome episode!
Above: The 1986 THEN & NOW LP cover...

Above: You'll hear Al talk about having this large THEN &
NOW poster framed and displayed for years! Well, here
it is!

Above: It's Peter Tork (left) with Coco Dolenz (right) in a 
recent pic, courtesy the Monkees Live Almanac!

Above: It's Micky, performing live, with 
his sensational sis, Coco!

Above: It's Coco again, but this time seen in a 1967
issue of MONKEES SPECTACULAR magazine! Pic
courtesy of Monkees Live Almanac!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Micky and Coco Dolenz Live in 2000! The Full Story! Pics!

You previously read (and heard) about Micky's triumphant 2000 concert stand in Columbia, South Carolina here! You'll recall that Micky and his sister Coco performed the famed "Three Liddle Fiddies" song, remembered from their shared childhood days! Now, you can glom a marvelous first-person account of the sensational song and show, direct from the much-missed pages MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE!

Just click below to enlarge and enjoy!

BONUS: Click below to hear the prodigious podcast that housed the above colossal concert segment!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Episode #4! How Could HEADQUARTERS Have Been Different? "You Just May Be The One" Re-Mix! Super-Rare 2000 "Daydream Believer" by Davy Jones!

Hysterical hosts Al Bigley and Alan Williams are back, diving and delving deep into even MORE madcap Monkees memories and miscellaneous, in this fun and fact-filled 50-minute episode! 

Topics include: The famed 1967 HEADQUARTERS LP, and what coulda (or shoulda) been added or removed!  What songs shoulda been singles? What would your pick be? 

A sizzling re-mix of (the TV version) of "You Just May Be The One!"

Plus: A super-rare Davy Jones re-imagining of "Daydream Believer" from 2000! 

And: More Adam West impersonations! Inside info! Jokes! Sound effects! And SO much more!

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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Millions have asked for it (Sammy Millions, our mailman, that is), and here it is!

You can view a fabulous short sample of one of our latest TPCHC Monkees podcasts, but with added gargantuan graphics!

That's right! You'll see (as well as hear) a bit of the latest powerful podcast, complete with commentary, sound effects, wise-cracks, re-mixed tunes, rare pics, vague threats, whispered retorts, and so much more!

What are you waiting for? An autographed 8 by 10 of RobRoy Fingerhead?

Click below to begin your fun-filled fling!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Episode 3! 2016--The END of the Monkees? "Love to Love" Re-Mixed! Rare Micky Concert! Monkees Pilot Secrets!

Fresh from the Turkey-Day oven! Here is our very latest!

In under an hour, Alan and Al manage to discuss the sizzling secrets of the Monkees pilot episode ("Here Come The Monkees"), as well as spotlighting a riotous re-mix of "Love to Love!"

But, that's not all! The dynamic duo (paging Batman!) tussle with the idea of 2016 being the last year of Monkees action, mulling over the pros and cons of such a sobering reality!

AND: A very rare sound clip of a Micky and Coco Dolenz live performance that you can only hear here (say that ten times fast)!

Plus: Sound effects! Impersonations and impressions! Ruminations! Attempts at humor! Al dances to Donna Summer! 

What more could you possibly ask for?

Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

BONUS! Click below to view some visual artifacts that tie-in to many of the topics we toss around in this latest epic episode!
Above: We mention the appearance of actor Dick Wilson in the MONKEES test
footage (as seen on the new BluRay set)! Here he is with the guys, in said
footage, plus a pic of him in his most famous role, that of Charmin's
tissue-molesting Mr. Whipple!!

Above: You'll hear Al mention a particular liner note from 
the back of Rhino's 1982 MONKEE BUSINESS picture disc
(and what it meant to him), and here it is!

Above: Micky and (sister) Coco Dolenz, performing live
in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2000! You'll hear
very rare audio from this colossal concert on this
very podcast! Plus: Hear how Alan got involved
with this show, too! Click the above images to 
enlarge and enjoy!