Friday, April 21, 2017

Episode #7! Just How Good Was JUSTUS? Coco Dolenz Interview-Part Three! The RRHOF! More!

"What number is this, Chip?"

Here we go again, with another big awesome episode!

This time, hear Alan and Al go toe-to-toe over POOL IT! vs. JUSTUS! Try to guess which one we love more! Seriously, we pick (and pan) the best songs, the mis-fires, how Rhino coulda better sold the album, the origins of JUSTUS, and so much more!

And-At last! The 3rd (and final) part of our Coco Dolenz interview! Coco recalls which Monkees songs (then and now) she participated in, Micky, current projects and shows, and more!

More on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and their continual snubbing of the Monkees...

Also-Hear an amazing exclusive re-mix of the Monkees' 1970 single, OH MY MY!

Plus: Attempts at Humor! Sound effects! Music! Jokes! Editorializing! 

This is the big one!

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Above: Say, that poncho sure seems familiar! 

Above: You'll hear Coco refer to this very pic!
Micky and sis, recording in '69!

Above: The Monkees prepare for their triumphant 1996 "Billboard Live" concert!

Above three images: The mid-90s JUSTUS years! The band was fully
restored (for a while, anyway), and ready to rock!

Above: Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament proudly wore this shirt (during 
PJ's performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
induction ceremony) as a protest against certain acts not 
(yet) being inducted into the RRHOF! Look closely!

Don't miss the fabulous re-mix of the band's 1970 shoulda-hit, OH MY MY!

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In this powerful podcast, you'll hear Coco Dolenz mention her wonderful websites! Keep up with her right here, and check out her (very) creative side here! 

In this indelible episode, you'll also catch Alan and Al discuss the Monkees 1996 Charlotte, North Carolina visit, to promote JUSTUS! See the super-rare footage (with news coverage) here!

1 comment:

  1. Great podcast guys but niether Justus nor Pool It are very good albums. Obviously, taste in music is a personal thing and anyone can say anything is amazing. However, iconic songs that stand the test of time are written by fantastic writers... and the guys themselves are not prolific commercial songwriters. Nesmith came the closest, but he too seems to avoid the classic formula of classic pop/rock songwriting at the level of Goffin/King, Boyce/Hart, Neil Diamond, Mann/Weil, Barry/Greenwich, Lennon/McCartney, Jagger/Richards, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Leiber/Stoller, Pomus/Schuman, Graham Gouldman, Smokey Robinson etc...and the issue is that The Monkees music is on par with the writers of that ilk when those writers were writing for The anything the guys themselves attempt, falls far too short on most occasions with the exception of a handful of songs.....Therefore Good Times totally out performs those 2 forgotten little albums by miles and miles.....It even out performs anything after Pisces, I even like it better than Headquarters. The reason?.....because great songwriters wrote the bulk of the songs....plain and simple. I look at The Monkees as an act, not a rock band ...and I'm totally fine with that....even as a vocal/comedy troupe and that is fine by me .....I still think they deserve to be in RRHF in that manner. The Monkees are an act that thrives when using top notch pro songwriters......their vocals and personalities are their strength. I don't really care who plays the instruments ....I actually prefer session musicians if an act themselves can't perform at top level. The songs on Justus are very weak.....lacking memorable riffs.....there are no hooks to get hooked on, no inspiring melodies that can't get out of your She Makes Me Laugh, You Bring The Summer, Hipster, Love to Love, Our Own World, Give It Time, Me & Magdalena, Whatever's Right and Wasn't Born to Follow. My fellow casual Monkees fans can't seem to listen to Pool It or Justus.... but can listen to Good Times with ease and adoration!
    I would love to explain this in further detail, so let me know and we can discuss through FB.....sorry to put a downer but it's simply the truth. Those two inferior albums are only for die hard fans who need to believe that they are a band in the classic traditional sense. The Monkees simply do not thrive nor sell many records whenever they don't rely heavily on outside top notch pros.....and I am a huge Monkees fan. But, I can accept them for what they amazing comedy act, outstanding vocal group, exceptional inspiring stage performers with unbelievable chemistry amongst them. I love you guys so keep podcasting .....I listen all the time......I hope to publish a book one day on the top iconic Monkees songs, and the psychological reason to why they rank in that order. :)