Friday, February 10, 2017

Episode #6! How Bad Was POOL IT? TAPIOCA TUNDRA Re-Mixed! Coco Dolenz Speaks Again!

Despite an avalanche of requests, we're back again with yet another episode of our far-flung podcast!

This time, Alan and Al (wait for it) dive into the 1987 Monkees reunion LP, POOL IT! Just how bad was it? Did it come too late in the Monkees revival period? What were the best songs? The worst? And, most importantly, who is "Rico?"

Plus: The high-charting 1968 Monkees single TAPIOCA TUNDRA is re-mixed, into a wild and disturbing new version, one you've not heard before!

And, part two of our exclusive interview with the talented Coco Dolenz, as she discusses her famous family, Micky's CIRCUS BOY fame vs. his MONKEES fame, growing up in showbiz, her solo work, and more!

Plus: Humor! Sound effects! Star Trek! Music! Jokes! Editorializing! 

Another big one!

Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

Above: A Rhino Records promotional poster, hyping the controversial
POOL IT! comeback album, from 1987!

Above: Which T'Pau do you prefer?

Above: The 1987 charting positions for both POOL IT! and
the HEART AND SOUL single!

Above two images: The inside story of MTV's 1987 grudge against the reformed Monkees,
as discussed in this episode! From the pages of a 1987 MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE!

Above: The reunited Monkees at a signing event, flanked by images from
the POOL IT! record covers...

Above: The sleeve for the 1968 VALLERI/TAPIOCA TUNDRA single!
VALLERI came in a #3 on the charts, with TT hitting the 34th spot!

Above: Listen closely to this episode, to hear the rare
Thom McAn "Monkee Boots" radio ad! Don't blink!

Above: No, that's not Jim Carrey! It's comedian
Ish Kabibble! Alan mentions this famed 40s star
during the Coco Dolenz interview! And the story
behind that story can be heard here!

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