Saturday, January 21, 2017

EPISODE #5! Coco Dolenz Interview--Part One! THEN & NOW Discussed! Plus-LOOK OUT Re-Mixed!

The big 5th episode is here at last! 

You'll hear part one of our exclusive interview with Coco Dolenz! She discusses life with her brother, Micky, why the Monkees still mean so much to fans today (and yesterday), and her upcoming projects!

Also-We discuss the 1986 "reunion" LP, THEN & NOW! Why did Davy not want to be involved in this project? What if Arista records had gone on to produce further '86 reunion LPs from the group? How do those three "new" songs stack up?

And--A hot new extended re-mix of "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)! 

And: More impersonations of forgotten Hollywood stars! Inside info! Jokes! Sound effects! And SO much more!

This one you don't wanna miss!

Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

BONUS: Look below for some images that tie into the sensational subjects we cover in this awesome episode!
Above: The 1986 THEN & NOW LP cover...

Above: You'll hear Al talk about having this large THEN &
NOW poster framed and displayed for years! Well, here
it is!

Above: It's Peter Tork (left) with Coco Dolenz (right) in a 
recent pic, courtesy the Monkees Live Almanac!

Above: It's Micky, performing live, with 
his sensational sis, Coco!

Above: It's Coco again, but this time seen in a 1967
issue of MONKEES SPECTACULAR magazine! Pic
courtesy of Monkees Live Almanac!

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