Sunday, February 24, 2019

Episode #22--Remembering Peter Tork.

In the effort to offer something that may help fans heal and recall Peter Tork, Alan and Al remember their own personal interactions with Peter, in this special memorial episode that includes memories, music, and more. We join other fans in mourning and fellowship, as we celebrate Peter Tork--the musician, performer, and friend. 

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Above: Al snapped these pics at the 1986 Monkees Convention
in Philedelphia! It was a thrill to finally see one of
the Monkees in the flesh, and Peter was the first one
to meet the crowds that wild weekend!

Above images: Peter (with Micky and Davy) invaded
Charlotte, NC in 1996, staging a signing at the local Media
Play store, and meeting tons of fevered fans! See my own
footage of the event here! I was even able to hang
out (and discuss art) with Micky, who was hosting
a showing of his artwork downtown!

Above images: Peter rocks Lewisville, North Carolina, in 1997!
You'll hear how Peter made many more return appearances (sometimes
with partner James Lee Stanley, as a duo) to this intimate
venue, thrilling crowds onstage, and during his after-show
meet-and greet sessions! See footage from the 1997 show here!

Above: Peter was very generous with his time at the Lewisville
gigs, greeting fans and snapping pics, such as this one with Al Bigley!

Above images: Peter holds court during the sound-check at
the Monkees 2016 concert in Charlotte, NC! He engaged the
rapt audience with stories about his early feelings about
rock-and-roll, the banjo, and other topics!

Above: Stick around to the end of this episode to hear a very stirring
rendition of "Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again," by the
Monkeephiles. That's them above, posing with some unknown hangers-on.
Visit the Monkeephiles here

Above: What an unexpected treat! Comics and commercial artist
great Bill Sienkiewicz created this amazing tribute art
to Peter...