Friday, March 1, 2019

James Lee Stanley! Exclusive 2019 Interview!

Monkees fans know James Lee Stanley as one half of the famed Two Man Band, a fabulous duo that consisted of James Lee and Peter Tork! 

The duo toured widely in the 90s (and beyond), and left us with some amazing live and recorded music!

But, James Lee Stanley is a long-time creator, writer, and musician, crafting his own very fine music for many decades.

We were honored to be able to talk to James Lee, about his decades-long relationship with the late Peter Tork, his own music, and so much more.

Click below to take a listen!

Above: Musician/writer/actor James Lee Stanley! Be sure to visit him here
Above three images: James Lee teamed with his
sometimes-partner, Peter Tork!

Above images: From the pages of late-90s MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE
issues, fans recount Peter and James during their Lewisville
NC (and other) shows, as well as "Two Man Band" launch parties!
Click to enlarge! 

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