Thursday, April 23, 2020

SPECIAL EPISODE! Roxanne Albee ("Monkees Girls") Exclusive Interview! Her Days on THE MONKEES!

Here is something that just couldn't wait!

Here is our exclusive interview with one of the famed "Monkees Girls," Roxanne Albee!

Roxanne talks about her days in Hollywood, on the swingin' 60s MONKEES set, the guys, dating Micky, her continuing relationships with the Monkees, their families, and her time on other TV shows and films (Elvis)! So much more!

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!

Above: Yep, that's Roxanne (third from left) on location for
filming a maniacal MONKEES epsiode!

Above eleven images: Roxanne on the set, alone and with
the "Monkees Girls!" 

Above two images: Yep! It's Roxanne with "the King" himself, Elvis!

Above: Roxanne (second from left) with a few of the other girls,
including Valeri Kairys Venet (more about her here), pose with an unidentified gentleman!

Above: The lovely and lively Roxanne Albee today!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Episode #26! The Best MONKEES TV Moments! Peter Rafelson-Part 2! "Looking Glass" Re-Mix!

Here we go again with the big 26th episode!

This time around we swing right into a new awesome awards show-The Al-y Awards! Named after your two humble hosts, this dynamic discussion has us considering the best of the Monkees' TV moments! Best musical romp/video? Best dramatic moment? Best guest-stars? Best scene with Davy? Micky? The others? How do our decisions stack up against yours?

That leads right into our bold new contest and how you can win even more rare Monkees treasures! Listen in for all the dizzy details!

Then, you'll hear Al's fabulous re-mix of "Through The Looking Glass!" An amazing new way to enjoy this Boyce & Hart Classic!

PLUS-Part two of our exclusive interview with Peter Rafelson! The son of MONKEES creator Bob Rafelson talks about the making of HEAD, the 70s doings of the Monkees, THE NEW MONKEES project, his current relationship with the guys, and so much more!

ALSO-Alan steps into the announcer booth to bring you the most up-to-the-minute Monkees news, direct from their agent/even coordinator, Jodi Ritzen!

It's a pulse-pounding party, with the usual fun and frivolity! Music! Laughs! So much more!

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!

Above eight images: Which filmed MONKEES moments did Al and Alan
pick as the very best of all time? Which guest-stars? Musical romps?
Individual acting performances? Find out in this episode!

Above: Our own Al-y Awards are not to be confused with the
famous early-60s fan awards given to comic books and
comics creators!

Above two images: This time around, Peter Rafelson 
speaks about more of his personal Monkees
moments, from HEAD, to the guy's solo
careers, the 80s and onward! Not to be missed! 
Visit Peter and learn much more about his
latest projects here!

Hear a blisteringly hot re-mix of "Through the Looking Glass!"
Only here..

Look at these rare Monkees treats! '67 Shooting scripts!
Rare newspaper features! Hard-to-find DVDs! These can
be yours, as part of a colossal new contest! Find out how
you can win it all, in this very epic episode!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Episode #25! Exclusive Peter Rafelson Interview! Jerry "The Geator" Blavat Interview! Re-Mix! More!

What else could we do for our grandiose ground-breaking 25th episode, but cram it full of great stuff?

First, you get to hear Al talk to Alan about his latest road trip to hang out with mighty Mike Nesmith at the fabulous FanBoy Expo! You are there, as Alan relates all!

Next, we dive right into your responses to our last episode (which is right here), and pick one lucky winner to receive the latest overflowing Monkees prize package! Is it you?

Stay with us as we take a calamitous call from none other than Jerry "the Geator with the Heater" Blavat! You know him from his terrific turn on the "Some Like it Lukewarm" episode! Jerry talks about his history as a famous radio jock, his time on the set of THE MONKEES, his opinion of the guys, and so very much more!

Then we swing into part one of our great new interview with the fabulous Peter Rafelson, son of MONKEES creator and famed director and producer Bob Rafelson! Peter fills us in on his days hanging around with the Monkees (and some group called the Beatles), his famous dad, his opinion on the Monkees and their music, his own creative goings, and so much more!

Before you can catch your breath, we then rush to unspool Al's hot re-mix of "Steam Engine!" It's longer! Better! Stronger! 

More ya want? More we got! Hear Jodi Ritzen tell us of the latest Monkees news! A new 2020 tour! A live album! So much more, direct from the lips of the group's own event manager!

Plus, fun, info, jokes, and everything else you've come to expect from this panic-packed podcast!

So what are ya waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download here (or on your phone), or directly from SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Google Play!


Above two images: Micky and Mike thrill the crowds at the Fanboy Expo
event! Alan was there to fill you in on all the details! 

Above two images: Alan greets Mike with some custom artwork!

Above three images: The commissioned custom artwork that Alan
gifted to Mike and Micky! Jodi and "Tex" created by D. Michael Watkins,
with "Blackhawk Micky" drawn by Budd Root!

You'll hear about Alan's meeting with famed voice actor, Alan "Skeletor" Alan Oppenheimer

Why did Alan get this drumhead signed in this way? You can
hear all about it right here

Above three images: That's right, it's "the Geator with the Heater!"
Dig our fun interview with Jerry Blavat in this episode! Keep up
with Jerry's latest doings here!

Hear a frivolous and fun re-mix of "Steam Engine!"

Above two images: Peter Rafelson will keep you listening, as
he relates his own tales of hanging out with the guys (and
his famous father), and so much more!

Monkees event manager Jodi Ritzen gives us some sizzling
news on upcoming Monkees plans! Visit her page right here!

Your humble hosts (Al Bigley and Alan Williams) record this very episode!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Script to Screen! "The Picture Frame!" Spot the Many Differences!

I was lucky enough to get my paws on a copy of the '67 shooting script for the famed 2nd-season MONKEES episode, "The Picture Frame," so let's all dive in and spot the many differences that occurred when this wacky adventure got transferred from script to screen!  Click images below to enlarge!

Above: The actual episode begins as the band (minus Peter) arrives
inside the film studio. The producers probably thought to just use
the existing soundstages THE MONKEES was already filmed on, instead
of searching out an actual location for a "dilapidated old movie
studio" exterior!

Above: In the filmed version, the guys simply approach the crook's desk, with no spotlight gag.

Above: The visual "cut away" gag (a staple of THE MONKEES series) of
the bricks falling was never used.

Above: Mike's little speech to the bank guard was cut..

Above: In the actual episode, we cut right to the guys, in their pad, being confronted by police outside their door. In the script, the guys are rehearsing their Oscar-acceptance speeches, with Peter even posing as the famous industry statue!

Above: In a line not used in the filmed version, Micky zings
Mike with this comparison to Jerry Lewis. Oddly, so much of
Micky's comedy act was cribbed from Lewis!

Above: This cute "file" gag was substituted for a different take on the word! Peter brings fingernail files, and not paper files or (as expected) metal files!

Above: To prove just how much the Monkees successfully ad-libbed and improvised, check out the simple bit with Mike wooing the female judge. Mike added so much more to this gag when filmed, even attempting to eat a portion of the flowers offered to the judge!

Above: Again, the Monkees were only given simple script instructions for some scenes (such as this "food distribution" bit), and, as filmed, we see just how much the band brought to the comedy!

Above: Most of these scripted "romp gags" went unused, and, as filmed, Peter simply runs to the courthouse and enters (as opposed to entering thru a low window), with the gangsters dogging his heels!

Above: This "tag" was fully dropped in the filmed version, to make
room for a video of the band performing "Randy Scouse Git!"

The wrap-up: When the group, in '67, was 

being raked over the coals for not playing 
their own instruments on early cuts, the 
band took comfort in ownership over much 
of the comedy of the TV show, pointing out 
just how much improvising and creativity 
they were allowed to bring to bear in that 
arena. Looking at many shooting scripts, like 
this one, demonstrates just how tre-
mendous their contributions were, in 
concert with directors like Jim Frawley (who 
helmed this very episode)!