Sunday, August 20, 2017

Episode #10! Super-Fan Fred Velez Interview! Special Episode!

Yes! They said it would never happen! They said we'd never last! They said you couldn't buy peanut butter in large, industrial 68-pound drums! But we're here to say "YES WE CAN!" 

Thats right! We've reached double digits!

And, how better to celebrate our big ten-oh, than with this special episode, one that features an exclusive full-length interview with long-time Monkees fan, Fred Velez?

Fred lets loose, telling us all about his early days as a fan (Fred is a fabulous 1st generation fanatic), his days helping organize and forming the earliest Monkees conventions (complete with behind-the-scenes tales), meeting Mike, Peter, Davy and Micky (singularly, and as our favorite group), and so much more!

Fred is not just a jovial gentleman and sensational storyteller, he is also an awesome author! His book, A LITTLE BIT ME, A LITTLE BIT YOU, THE MONKEES FROM A FAN'S PERSPECTIVE, is a fabulous must-have read for any Monkees fan, of any age! In our incredible interview, you'll hear all the tales behind so many stories in his book!

So what are you waiting for? Click below to listen now, or download right here, or on your iPhone, or directly from SoundCloud or iTunes!

Above: Fred poses with his wonderful book! See below to
snag your own copy today! 

Above: Fred poses with some guys. Listen to our awe-inspiring interview to learn who they are!

Above: Fred kibitzes with a playful Peter Tork, outside the
UNCLE FLOYD studios, in 1980!

Above image: Clockwise from bottom left: Maggie McManus (publisher of the long-running MONKEE BUSINESS FANZINE), Charles Rosenay, Peter Tork (who?!), and Fred Velez, at the 1982 Monkees convention!

Above: Fred and Annabelle Jones. Fred tells a touching tale of time
spent with Annabelle at the 2012 Davy Jones NYC Memorial event.

Above: Fred's bountiful book, which you can order right here!

Above: Visit Fred's blog and read his
riotous reviews on the fabulous site! Click here! 

Above: Help Fred bring a very special Monkees-related
Christmas CD into reality! Click here for more info!

Click here to listen to one holiday hit! 

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